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  5. "Jij speelt bijna perfect."

"Jij speelt bijna perfect."

Translation:You play almost perfectly.

November 6, 2014



why isn't "you play almost perfect"correct? in the translation hints "perfect"means "perfectly", or "perfect", and i think it is correct english, right?


When you are describing a verb, you always use an adverb. "Perfectly" is the adverb of the word :)

https://www.duolingo.com/profile/Yvonne Enter

'nearly' should be accepted for bijna.


Does anyone else think "You play nearly perfectly" is a bit unnatural for a solution? Should it not be "You play nearly perfect" instead?


"Perfectly" modifies the verb "play", so it has to be the adverb form, with the final -ly.


Can spelen mean play as in an instrument as well as play as in a game?


With this pronounciation, it sounds really like some pick up line.
We can only hope Duo won't get friendzoned.


When do jij/je verbs end in t? It's jij woon instead of jij woont but it's also jij speelt instead of jij speel


It's jij woont. With regular verbs they always end on -t with je/jij.


The 't' drops when it's a question. 'Jij woont' becomes 'woon jij'.


duo's voice recognition is really ❤❤❤❤❤❤. It took four times before it correctly picked up my voice and turned it into the correct answer. I really don't get it, why duo doesn't give people more chances to practise the pronunciation instead of judging the answer with such a junk voice recognition.


In other Duolingo languages, the voice recognition seems to put the most importance on the rhythm, instead of on saying the words right. Try mumbling something with the correct cadence, and see if it accepts it.

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