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  5. "I know the women."

"I know the women."

Translation:Conosco le donne.

June 27, 2013



It marked me wrong when I typed in "So le donne." What's the different nuance between so & conosco?


You can use both of them for "things/knowledge", even if in some cases "so" is better. You can only use "conosco" for people.


A useful link I found on the difference between the two verbs for "to know" in Italian: http://robinonawire.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/difference-between-sapere-conoscere-both-mean-to-know-present-tense/


This link no longer works.


The problem is that duolingo doesn't explain how to use "so" and "conosco" individually.


If you're using the app and not the desktop, it's complete trial and error to learn a nuance like this. The app doesn't show the lesson overview.


I put 'So le donne' too and was marked incorrect. Seresam has answered that you can only use conoscere for people but in an earlier part of this section sapere was used with people - 'You know how boys are' was translated as 'Sai come sono I ragazzi'. Can anyone help me?


Sapere is to know whereas conoscere means to really ( i.e. a person). French is similar with savior and connaître). So if you have just met a woman, you might say "Io so la donna.". But if you have known the while for quite a while, it's a close friend or family member, then you would say "Io conosco la donna." Duolingo doesn't really seem to teach this (thank goodness I learned it in another language). Spanish and Portuguese do something similar.


I wrote conosco but when i checked 'know' it said 'so' so i changed it and it said that its wrong ...


Couldn't some kind of Casanova also say that he knows how women are, what they like, how they "work" - and that would be "So le donne"?


one can always start an I sentence with Io, no?


I thought it should read lo conosco le donne. A bit confusing


This feels misleading. It would seem to me both "So le donne" and "Conosco le donne" are valid, just with different meanings. "I know the women. We grew up in the same town and went to college together" — that's a common kind of "know"ing people, and that would be "conosco". But "I know the women. They have off-shore banking accounts where they hide their money" is a different kind of "know", and that feels closer to the intent of "so" — I don't know them personally, rather I know some salient facts about them. @maja280120 posted this useful link about the difference: https://advanceditaliano.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/difference-between-sapere-conoscere-both-mean-to-know-present-tense/


I know women like them. I know women like them. How would i translate these two very different sentences? Or is it the same as English that you infer the meaning from context or emphasis on certain words?


Whi is donne le in itallian


Its the female plural form... Its plural for "la"


At the beginning I wrote "Ho..." instead of "Io ho..." - which should not be considered to be a mistake, in Italian "ho" only means "I have" so why repeating the word "I"??? Now I did use "I know" and I was wrong to use Io???


Sorry its lural duh@


I will keep writing "Io so le donne" till duo accepts

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