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Silent mode for mobile

Hi guys (and girls), I would love to have an option for the silent mode on the mobile duolingo, since I often use it on public transport but rarely have headphones with me.

June 27, 2013



I agree with this. I have turned off the speaker and microphone setting on my iPhone as I don't want to use these features but the app still tries to give me audio listening exercises. Would be nice to have a choice to universally enable or disable these.


I think learning may be compromised if there is no audio. Half of learning a language is being able to hear and speak it, not just read and write it. And the most challenging part of Duolingo is often the understanding of spoken phrases. If you don't want to use the audible features at the time, perhaps go on immersion and have a crack at translating some text? Or try reading a magazine in the language?


I completely agree that listening and speaking is an integral part of learning a language. However the listening exercises are really poor quality so I prefer to train this aspect with out media such as audiobooks, films, tv and radio. This gives a much better impression of what listening on the country will actually be like. I would like a complete turn off of audio (optional for each user) so that when I am in a quiet place or without headphones I am not forced to wrongly answer a question or quit an entire lesson so I can continue my practising. Also immersion isn't available on mobile devices which would prevent that option.


This is very true. I actually bought a cheap pair of earbuds and put them in my pocket each morning for this reason. $9 at walmart, because I never know when I have a spare 10 minutes or so to sneak ina quick lesson, waiting at Dr office, in line at starbucks, walking dog, etc.


Of course, my primary learning in on the computer with all the features of Duolingo. But i could have more practice this way. At least practicing weak words would be great.


Yeah, I only practice on mobile, since it's harder to use the online dictionaries and grammar guides. Listening and speaking is not really critical here.


You can turn off listening and speaking tasks in the full version, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to do it in the mobile version (especially since this feature would be more useful in the mobile version).


Great idea....sometimes it's just too noisy or intrusive, eg when waiting in line*, in the coffee shop or waiting for a concert to start.

in UK we wait "in" line....in USA they wait "on" line.


What. No we don’t


I would like to have a quiet mode. Yes, I know you have to listen to the pronunciation, but if you spend a couple of hours a day with sound on, at the end of the day it is nice to practice with sound OFF. And that goes double for the BA BING everytime you hit continue, and the BA BAAAA BINGGGGG when you finish a lesson. Please. There's enough noise in the world. Give us a chance to go quiet. It also gives us a way to work when others are sleeping, watching TV or doing other things. You can turn off listening, but you still hear the speakers of the lessons, and the ba bings (unless you turn off your sound) I don't want to wear earphones all the time and the ba bings would probably give you tinnitus if you subjected your ears to that on a regular basis. Please give us a noise off node and trust us to have the sound on enough to get the pronunciation and listening right. And giving us a way to turn off the noise effects after each answer and completed lesson would be wonderful. So sick of the ba bing

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