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Wishes and suggestions

First of all Duolingo is great, you guys are doing an awesome job. Without Duo I would probably learn Italian only sporadically and less effectively. These are just some wishes and suggestions of mine. I know many of these have been already suggested by other people and also I am well aware that making suggestions is way easier than implementing them. I just hope you find at least some of these worthy and applicable.

  • Keyboard shortcut for viewing sentence discussion

As there are keyboard shortcuts for playing the audio I think there should be one for opening sentence discussions.

  • Awarding people additional points for checking out all the comment sections in a lesson.

A small incentive for people not to rush through lessons.

  • Tutorial explaining the site's structure

When I became a user it took me couple of months to figure out where are the guidelines, help or sentence discussions, also some people didn't know there is a vocabulary section for weeks even though they have been using duo almost every day.

  • Additions to sentence discussions: Different sorts, Thank you button, Open question

Open question = Button for marking questions that are waiting to be answered. (if there is an open question for more than some time (2-3 weeks) suggest moderator to take a look)

  • Reward and/or point out people depending on usefulness of their comments in sentence discussions

Depending on number of comments they have written and number of "thank you" they have gotten. Something like most helpful user leaderboard. :P

  • Option to sort skills, in vocabulary, by their respective average word strength

  • Monthly / Yearly progress

  • Add goals

June 27, 2013



Would love to see them offer Hebrew.


kristinemc said: Community members will be able to add languages in the near future. We're going to be working on tools that will make that possible, and we'll keep everyone informed of our progress. :)

I think that is going to be awesome. I hope I will be able to work on adding my native language so that in future my parents can improve on their English through Duolingo :)


Will be happy to help with Russian! I love the idea of free education, this is truly a great step!! My long lost spanish came back in no time. Would love to see some Swahili!


If one leaves a discussion by following a link within the discussion, one can't return to the lesson. I keep forgetting and doing this when the comments interest me.


Yeah I know, it happened to me several times as well. Thankfully duolingo team is aware of that issue and I presume they are working on some way to prevent this from happening. For now I recommend being careful and opening those link in a new tab.

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By the end of 2013, I was still banging my head because I'd clicked on someone's nick. I need to see what language they speak before I reply.

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