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  5. "Eighteen cats play."

"Eighteen cats play."

Translation:Achttien katten spelen.

November 6, 2014



Achttien katten spelen or achttien spelen katten, invertion? Right?


No, because the subject cannot be "broken up". It stands before or after the conjugated verb in its entirety even if it's very long like: "achttien prachige hongerige bruine katten uit Rusland spelen."


Got it, Iris_17, thanks for the explanation!!!!!!!

When we have to make the Inversion?


Like asalade says, you need to switch the subject and the conjugated verb for a yes/no question.

But more often you need to switch them because there is another constituent (word or word group) that takes the first place in the sentence. The conjugated verb always goes second ( if it's not a y/n-question or command and if it's the main clause) and the subject will then go third behind that.

So: Ik heb gisteren van hem een kat gekregen

  • Gisteren heb ik een kat van hem gekregen

  • Een kat heb ik gisteren van hem gekregen

  • Van hem heb ik gisteren een kat gekregen

"I got a cat from him yesterday"

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