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"Nel giornale scrivono su lui e altri tre."

Translation:In the newspaper they write about him and three others.

June 27, 2013



I wrote "In the paper they write about him and the other three." I'm not sure if I was wrong. I would take "and another three", "and three others", and "the other three" as synonomous. I suspect that articles, like "the" and "a" flip a switch in the error correction algorithms. Anyone else have an opinion on this.


(American English speaker) I think I see a difference. "Three others" does not indicate who the others are, but "the other three" means you have already indicated specifically who they are.


Nel, giornale, scrivono = In the, newspaper, they write
su, lui = on / about, him
e, altri, tre = and, others, three ~ and three others

In the newspaper they write about him and three others.

As LatecomerLaurie pointed out there should be no article, only the indefinite 'three others'.


I put the same and it was marked wrong.


Why not "ed altri"? I thought you had to write "ed" when the next word starts with a vocal.


Great question - it did for me and my heart - anyone care to answer? Or is this one of those scattered DL mistakes/glitches?


No, in modern Italian there is the tendency to use the forms ed, ad and od only if the following word begins with the same vowel:

  • ed elegante

  • ad andare

  • od oggi


wonderful reply - thanks for your "on the ground" knowledge and guidance - have a lingot.


ps - what' "od"? - can't find it on wordref


yes, the word "o" = or (synonyms oppure, ovvero)

http://www.wordreference.com/iten/od (you have to go to the "Collins")


thank you sandra - odd that it isn't in wordref


If it was 'the other three', would it need to be 'gli altri tre'? As it stands, 'altri' has no article so I guess it just means 'others'. I also wrote 'the other three' but now see the error of my ways ;-)


And i have a question on the first part of the sentence. I wrote " in the newspaper it is written..." and not "they write...". Does it really matters if i make word by word translation if i understand/translate the meaning?


As long as you understand that
scrivono = they write
it is written = è scritto


I have the same answer as the sentence and it was marked wrong

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