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"Bøgerne er i min søns lyseblå kuffert."

Translation:The books are in my son's light blue suitcase.

November 6, 2014



at least it shouldn't be shown as a translation for kuffert and then be wrong when you put it in the sentence...


I put 'case' (a widely used and accepted abbreviation!) and it was flagged as an error. Grrr!


Case is widely used for suitcase . It's NOT a mistake


Certainly here in the UK, we tend to say "case" more than "suitcase".


I know what was said, but my spelling was wrong. Very frustrating !!!


Is the "t" at the end not pronounced? Because according to ordnet.dk it should.


I don't understand the thing with the colors. I thought if the Nomen end's on et, the color get a, "t" too. Can you help to understand?


Adjectives with "Å" (like "blå" or "små") are a bit different because they don't change into an e-form. They only have a base form and a t-form. "Jeg har en blå stol og et blåt bord og to blå lamper." (I have a blue chair and a blue table and two blue lamps.)

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