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"Non sa niente della tua famiglia."

Translation:She does not know anything about your family.

June 27, 2013



So if this sentence was for "She" thats because "sa" ends in A?


No, "sa" doesn't change whether the subject is lui/lei/Lei (he/she/you (formal))

Since there is no subject pronoun this sentence could be translated as "He/She does not know anything about your family" .

Additionally I don't think it could be translated as "You do not know anything about your family. " because for that to work the Italian sentence should be: "Non sa niente della Sua famiglia"


No, it could also be a "he" sentence


As the subject is unknown, I put " Nothing is known about your family" but I lost my heart..........


How would say he does not know anything about your family.


It would be exactly the same : non sa niente della tua famiglia.

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