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"Dyret spiser kagen og appelsinerne."

Translation:The animal eats the cake and the oranges.

November 6, 2014



Is the t in dyret silent because I listened many times on slow and could not hear it


I've really tried but this time I didn't hear anything after "R", not even some sort of mumbling.


Please explain me eat vs eats


In English, verbs change depending on what is doing them, for example for the verb "to be":
I am, You/They are, He/She/It is

For the verb "to eat", it is a bit more regular:
I/You/They eat, He/She/It eats

For the verb "to do":
I/You/They (for "I" and "You" and anything else more than one) do, He/She/It (anything singular) does

Hope this helped a bit


My English teacher always says "He, she, it, das s muss mit" (he, she, it, don't forget the s) It may be in German but it could help you too.


That's clever! My German teacher (in the US) made all kinds of songs to help us remember things in German. One of my favorites (it works for Dutch, Icelandic, and I'm sure other languages too), was how to conjugate "to be". The song is the tune from the Alphabet Song (in English of course).

Ich bin, du bist, er, sie, es ist, wir sind, Ihr seid, sie sind, Sie sind. I can conjugate "to be" now, tra la la la la!


In danish it is han, hun, den, det, er (He she it is)


I thought that dyr could be for singular and plural... Why is "the animals eat" not accepted?


You're right that dyr can be either singular or plural, but dyret can only mean "the animal".

"The animals" would be dyrene


Oh... Of course, I didn't see that. Thank you so much, lingot for you.


I cant pass this pronunciation no matter how much i try to mimic the recording! Argh!!!

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