"Non si possono suonare i tamburi senza aspettare."

Translation:The drums cannot be played without waiting.

June 27, 2013

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I was going to literally translate it but imagined it to be some kind of idiom... wished I had done the former now! As for the given translation, the English words make sense but the sentence doesn't. I'd put my money on "the drums can't play themselves" as suggested.

My own best guess was someting to do with "One can hardly wait to play the drums"... I felt quite creative even though it was wrong!


This sentence makes no sense in English.


Why is this "one" translated in plural as in "si possono" rather than "si può" ? Thanks


Wondering the same thing....


Maybe because drums is plural.


This offered translation made not sense to me. I tried "One cannot play the drums without pausing", attempting to use an alternative meaning of "aspettare" but was shut down :-(.

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