"Itheann na béir rís."

Translation:The bears eat rice.

November 6, 2014

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Looks like Yogi and BooBoo are starting to eat healthier.


I did not know bears ate rice!


I thought bears eat meat

Itheann na beir mhairteoil


Either the Irish government is doing a top secret program involving genetically modified bears or the vegans have been very successful lately.

[deactivated user]

    Most bears are omnivores - they'll happily eat fruits and vegetables when they're available. Polar bears live in an environment that makes them primarily carnivorous, but they're the exception (and they'll probably eat rice too, if they find it in a rubbish dump near a town or village).

    Is uiliteoir é an béar - bíonn siad sásta torthaí agus glasraí a ithe, agus iad ar fáil. Is feoiliteoir é an béar bán, ach is féidir leo ríse a ithe, más féidir leo é a fháil!


    Why learn the words bears and elephants when neither are native to Ireland?


    Why learn the words "bear" and "elephant" in English, when neither are native to Ireland?


    Plenty of bears and elephants exist in Ireland. In zoos, in the circus, in fairytales and cartoons, and as cake decorations. And what if you need to talk about life in 22,000 BC,when there were native bears? Be open.


    Itheann siad é fad is go gcócarálann duine éile é dóibh...


    Can they eat rice... I mean they are animals and cats can't have 'em so...

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