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  5. "The turtle has carrots."

"The turtle has carrots."

Translation:Tá cairéid ag an turtar.

November 7, 2014



I was marked correct for "Tá cairéid ag an turtar." There's no eclipsis here?


That’s correct. Words beginning with D, T, or a vowel don’t get eclipsed after ag an (as well as after several other prepositions followed by an).


Okay, this is my first time through this lesson. Someone explain to me, le do thoil , what is an eclipsis?


Eclipsis is when you modify the first consonant in some instances to be better fit for general pronounciation in relation to other words.

Sometimes eclipsis is utilized to convey grammatical meaning, such as with "a gcat" = "their cat" as opposed to "a chat" = "his cat" or "a cat" = "her cat".

Eclipsis in the language is like the eclipsis in the sky (moon replaces sun): The eclipsing conosonant "replaces" the intial consonant at the beginning of the word, which is not pronounced, but remains "silent".

Thus "bportán" is pronounced sort of "bortán", and "dTír Eoghain" is pronounced sort of "dir Eoghain" (or rather as they say here: "djeeroune").


Yes thank you for taking the time to type that


"Better fit for general pronunciation" is really not helpful. Eclipsis, like almost all mutation in Celtic languages, started off as conditioned by sound, but in the modetn language is entirely grammaticalised. Certain words, certain cases, certain genders, take eclipsis, lenition, or n- or h- insertion, and others don't. What i didn't know till now is that it can also be phonetically conditioned: that d and t don't eclipse after "ag an".


This will take a while, but I love it. Thanks for the grammar lesson; very helpful. Go raith maith agat!


I'm so jelous... I love carrots, as long as theres ranch.


is "cairéid" considered acceptable for the plural and singular of carrot?


cairéad is the singular, cairéid is the plural.
"The turtle has carrots" - Tá cairéid ag an turtar
"The turtle has a carrot" - Tá cairéad ag an turtar

But cairéid is also the genitive singular, so "carrot cake" is cáca cairéid.

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