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"De jongens en de meisjes lezen een boek."

Translation:The boys and the girls read a book.

3 years ago



Am I right that "the girl" is "het meisje" while "the girls" is "de meisjes"?

3 years ago

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I believe so, since "de" is used for more than one ;p

3 years ago


Yep, there is no plural of 'het', it's always 'de' :)

6 months ago


Would native Dutch speakers normally use both articles in this sentance (the boys and the girls), or would they drop the second as we often do in English? (the boys and girls)

2 weeks ago

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I'm struggling with the different tenses of the word for "read". Does anyone have a guide?

3 years ago

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In present tense lezen is regular, only the singe/double e and the s/z change because of standard spelling rules. Since you're asking your question pretty early in the tree I assume you have issues with the spelling, not with the different tenses, these are the conjugations of lezen in the present tense:

  • ik lees
  • jij/u leest (lees jij)
  • zij/hij/het leest
  • wij lezen
  • jullie lezen
  • zij lezen

However, if you're having issues with tenses: in the past tense lezen is irregular see here (you have to enter lezen in the text box and press "go").

3 years ago


Thanks! This is very helpful. Specially the link you have shared for the tense.

3 months ago


Wow okay I can see why almost no foreigner can perfect a Dutch accent :/

2 years ago