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"Does the room have a telephone?"

Translation:La stanza ha un telefono?

June 27, 2013



Could it also be written as - "Ha la stanza un telefono?" since it is a question.


I had the same question.


I wrote this and it was incorrect.


I'm not an Italian native, but since Italian and Portuguese have similar syntax, certainly comparing to English, I'd say it can be correct, but you would never hear it, except in a line from a play or something. It's not even formal, but rather poetic. At least in the Present tense. Hope I'm not misguiding you.

In Italian, you generally don't invert the order of the sentence to form a question. See this exception: (http://italian.about.com/cs/grammar/ht/askquestions.htm) "In questions beginning with an interrogative word, the subject is usually placed at the end of the sentence. Quando guarda la TV Michele? - When does Michael watch TV?"

(from marziotta's Italian FAQ — http://www.duolingo.com/comment/233855)


I have the same question!


This sentence was marked as wrong when I wrote "ha la stanza un telefono?" but it's clearly correct! :(


Right now I got it marked as right - 'Ha la stanza un telefono?' is right


I wrote this and it marked me wrong "Ha un telefono nella stanza?". Is that correct or not?


I made the same mistake, but after thinking about it, "Ha un telefono nella stanza?" Sounds like you're asking if a third person has a phone in the room. "Does she/he have a phone in the room?" Hope that helped!


Or even "Ha un telefono la stanza?" ..?


[Ha un telefono nella stanza?] is that correct?


Are "la stanza" and "la camera" interchangeable??


I think stanza can refer to pretty much any type of room, whereas camera usually specifically refers to a bedroom, or a person's individual room (in a hotel for example). (I think that's correct anyway, though I'm not entirely 100% sure about the last part!)


How would you know if it is "does the room have a telephone" or "the room has a telephone? (I know there is the question mark and if you were talking in real life you would probably know by the context but i was just wondering


Ha la stanza un telefono. Why would that be wrong or is it just an algorithm problem?


I agree with almost everyone here, this answer "ha la stanza un telefono?" should also be correct.


Shadespear and TomSFox don't agree on whether it can be Ha la stanza un telefono. Can a native speaker tell us?


I am not a native and I put ' ha un telefono, la camera' which I also think is ok as the subject often goes last!


Based on Spanish, i omitted una, "la stanza ha telefono" and it was marked wrong. I'm just wondering if this is a possible correct rendition in Italian.


I like: Ha la stanza un telefono? Certainly how you say it makes a difference.


It looks as though there's no direct translation for "Does" in Italian. "Fare" wouldn't work, right?

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