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  5. "Io ho la forchetta."

"Io ho la forchetta."

Translation:I have the fork.

June 27, 2013



Is it just me, or does the pronunciation of forchetta seem wrong? The "che" sounds like "chi" to me. Is this just a dialetto thing (I speak Venetian Italian)


I hear that too! Haven't heard that in any other words.


Same here. On another discussion with the same word, I asked someone with more Italian experience about it. They said they did not hear it on that recording, and that what they heard was the correct pronunciation. It made me doubt my hearing, and I swear I heard it pronounced like "chi" on tiny cards, too! I'm hoping my ear will improve with practice. :-)


Ha ha. It's my fork! Mine!


I was wondering what is "you have"? I know that"i have" is "io ho" and "she has" is "lei ha". Can anyone help me?


You (singular) have hai

You (plural) have. avete


I basically can't hear the word "ho" in this, but I don't know if that is how the language work (ho is usually silent?) or a mistake with their audio.

To clarify: at the time that I wrote this I had not been taught that "H" is always silent in Italian, so I thought that it was simply missing from the audio.


"ho" sounds like "o" and since "Io" ends with "o" it is a bit difficult to discern "ho".

Check this http://www.forvo.com/search/ho/it/ it may help


mrule: The words run together as in any language, including English.


Ciao: The "ho" is there. It runs together with "Io". As comment above, words run together in any language.


Michael, there is a subtle distinction that might help. The O of io, being unaccented, would be a "closed" O, while the O of ho would be an "open" O. The sound difference can help distinguish "lo" from "l'ho", in addition to context. That is how it was taught to me - there may be regional differences of course.


on the other hand, the 'ho' couldn't be more clear in the slow mo sound


So in italian, there is "cc" & "ch" is the only difference word and placement?


I'm not sure of your question. There can sometime be both, such as macchina.


I misspelled one word and its wrong??


Why is this not correct

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