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"Os seus amigos são intelectuais."

Translation:Your friends are intellectuals.

June 27, 2013



In this sentence:

"Your friends are intellectuals"

the word "intellectuals" is a plural noun.

In this sentence:

"Your friends are intellectual"

the word "intellectual" is an adjective.

Are both sentences translated as "Os seus amigos são intelectuais."?


Yes. Both are the same. When i saw this sentence I tought intellectual would be referring to an adjective, the most common use.


Cheers. I suppose there is no semantic difference between the two anyway.


No, actually there is a small difference: They're intellectual -> they're "smart" They're intellectuals -> they're writers/thinkers and stuff. The proper translation would be the second, but the actual subtlety is somewhat lost in portuguese, we'd have to use other expression rather than "são intelectuais" for the first case, to be more precise.


However "your friends are smart " IS NOT accepted as a response :-( Just how would you say, Smart please?


This does not allow for "Their friends are intellectual" Is that correct?


Yes, that's right too

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