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  5. "Dat is een volle kalender."

"Dat is een volle kalender."

Translation:That is a busy calendar.

November 7, 2014



But isn't it "That is a full calendar" ?


Yes, that's an accepted answer.


How can a calendar be buisy with something?


Why isn't it "Die is een volle kalender", since die refers to a de-word.


In it/this/that is… combinations in Dutch, the het form is always used: het is, dit is, dat is even when used in combination with de woorden. See these examples with a de woord (kalender) and a het woord (huis):

  • Die kalender is vol
  • Die volle kalender
  • Dat is een volle kalender
  • Dat huis is vol
  • Dat volle huis
  • Dat is een vol huis


This is more a cultural than linguistic question. Why do you keep your calendars in the toilet? Is it so you can pass the time while you're there?


Not sure why they do it exactly, but the purpose of the calendar being there is to record people's birthdays (but people aren't allowed to put their own birthdays on it, that's a general no-no apparently). There's a small post on it at Stuff Dutch People Like. The comments are quite funny :)


Yes, I did realise it was for keeping track of wanneer iemand is jarige but couldn't puzzle out the reason for it's location :) Thanks for the link. I'm surprised they suggest deleting people's names!

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