"My father often goes abroad for work."

Translation:Mio padre va spesso all'estero per lavoro.

June 27, 2013

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What are rules regarding the use of "Il mio" as opposed to "Mio" in cases such as this, I'm a bit confused.



I'm confused a lot. I presumed that it's safer to use "il", at least in the context of Duolingo, but when it turns like this it just baffles me.


Don't use the article for close family members (as far out as cousins): "Mio padre", "mia madre", "mio nonno", "mia nonna", "mio fratello", "mia sorella", "mio figlio", "mia figlia", "mio zio", "mia zia", "mio cugino", "mia cugina".

Do use the article if you pluralise: "I miei fratelli", "le mie sorelle", "i miei figli", "le mie figlie", "i miei cugini", "le mie cugine".

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