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  5. "Does she pay you?"

"Does she pay you?"

Translation:Betaalt zij jou?

November 7, 2014



Is "jij" only nominative? It's in the dictionary hints for "you", but "Betaalt zij jij" wasn't accepted.

  • jij = subject
  • jou = object
  • jouw = possesive

In English you can be both subject and object (hence the dictionary hints having both jij and jou as possible translation), so:

  • She pays you = Ze betaalt jou.
  • You pay her = Jij betaalt haar.

FYI jij, jou and jouw can all be replaced by je, this is more common in speech, also je is not used in official writing.


Thanks, Susande. That's very useful to know.

Is it incorrect (or unusual) to use both "je" and "jij/jou" in the same sentence?

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