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Don't get speaking exercises at all. (PC)

Hello. During my lessons, I have never got any speaking exercises. Is this only for me or this feature isn't rolled out for everyone yet? Thanks.

June 27, 2013



We do not currently have speaking challenges for Italian and Portuguese - but these are in the works!


Thanks for your answer! I should've posted this in the 'Portuguese' section.


Has anything changed in the past few years? I still don't have speaking challenges for Portuguese


I have it turned on. Anyway, thanks for your help!


I never have on the PC, but on the app on my ipod i do.


I have the same question. In the account settings I can select 'Microphone' and the Help page describes problem solving with speach input. However, I never saw any lessons with speech input or speech recognition, neither Web not Android App. Other Flash apps with microphone are working fine on my laptop.

Is this limited to specific languages or later lessons?


I have this same problem, with Japanese


Same here I don't get any speaking exercises for Japanese, on android or chrome.

Mic is allowed and enabled

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