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Radio Addition to the Immersion Section?

Adding live radio, like podcasts, in the language being learned would be immensely helpful. We've already got news articles in Immersion, why not radio? This way, people can hear how real Germans speak, and not a computerized voice. I supplement my German with Bayern radio and, though pronunciation is not a problem, it is still interesting to learn some new words and hear about events in Germany from the German perspective.

June 27, 2013



I agree. I would love to hear more. My reading and writing skills are improving quickly but hearing the language and separating the sounds into words is the hardest part for me.


I listen to chérie fm, you can find lots of radio stations on here: http://lafrance.fm/ or http://www.deutschland.fm/, just look at the flags at the top for other countries...


But how do we know what stations would be good to use? What kinf of radio? Like news stations, or music, or...?


I go to iTunes U and it breaks down courses by language that way I am able to have the opportunity to hear actual Germans speaking German. I also try watching movies on Netflix in German. There is www.dw.de (think BBC for Germany as it was described to me). For the most part, I'm not advanced enough to understand them completely, however, at least I'm being exposed to the language being spoken naturally by Germans.


True, you could search for a website, which is what I currently do, but it would be a nice and more convenient addition if it were on duo itself.


I would use news organizations like Spanish News networks. There is also Spanish Discovery channels that might be useful. I believe larger organizations like that may have materials in multiple languages.


Yea, duo could just use national news networks, for starters at least

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