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  5. "I do not drink warm beer."

"I do not drink warm beer."

Translation:Ik drink geen warm bier.

November 7, 2014



but why is warm used? not warme since it is being used as an adj?? warm beer. warme bier??


because bier is a "het" word. "Het" words don't get the "e" when using the indefinite article


This phrase isn't Dutch. No Dutch person would ever utter these words, beer is beer, warm or cold.


What about Belgians, though. They're always a bit precious.


Yes and the Belgians know that to appreciate the flavours of their finest beers they shouldn't be cold. It is only people from hot countries with crap beer that would say something like this. If I went to a bar that pulled a bottle of trappist beer out of a fridge I wouldn't stay for a 2nd!


Why is it "Ik drink geen warm bier" and not "Ik drink niet warm bier" ?


Could you post the url for those using the app? Text links don't work in it.


Thank you for this :) I knew that if you would use "niet een", that you should instead use "geen", but I wasn't aware that you also use "geen" if there isn't an article preceding the noun, which is the case here.


Why is "Ik drink warm bier niet" not correct? I mean, I understand that they "deny" the warm beer, but why can't you use the negative on the verb, as in I don't drink warm beer, instead of I don't drink warm beer? I'm not sure I managed to explain what I mean well.


I guess it's about focus. With een/geen your focusing on what gets drunk. Thinking from German, I would assume that the usage of "niet" as well enforces the use of the definite article, e.g. "Ik drink het warme bier niet."

Afaik "geen" is aligned to "een":

Ik drink een warm bier.

Ik drink geen warm bier.

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