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Difference between Unbedingt and Notwendig.


Both "Unbedingt" and "Notwendig" seem to mean "necessary".

Could someone explain the differences, preferably using them in a small sentence please?

Thank you very much.

October 4, 2012



"Unbedingt" means more "absolute(ly)" Das ist unbedingt notwendig - That is absolutely necessary Nicht unbedingt - Not necessarily (but think more "not absolutely")


To me "unbedingt" is more a matter of opinion and "notwendig" is more a matter of necessity. Wenn I tell somebody he has to visit Berlin when in Germany: "Du musst unbedingt Berlin besuchen." it is my opinion. After the terrible fire under the fly-over on the Autobahn it was necessary to build a new one: "Es war notwendig, eine neue Autobahnbrücke zu bauen, weil die alte total zerstört war."

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