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"Cheap go raibh mo mháthair sa charr."

Translation:I thought that my mother was in the car.

November 7, 2014



Could it be, "I thought that was my mother in the car?"


That's what I put, too.


No — that English construction is idiomatic for “I thought that someone in the car was my mother.”


But then i saw it was Pól.


Can someone explain the word order here? Why is raibh positioned where it is?


Irish is V/S/O, where the object of a transitive verb (like think/thought) can be another clause.

Verb (what happened): Thought - Cheap Subject (who made it happen): I - mé Object (the thing that happened): my mother was in the car.

So the object is another sentence…

Verb: was - bhí, or go raibh if it’s the object. Same reason it’s go bhfuil instead of tá in present tenses. Subject: my mother - mo mháthair Object: It’s a location this time, “in the car” - sa charr.

Cheap mé go raibh mo mháthair sa charr.

When you ask about raibh, are you mistaking it for “riamh,” thinking they mean “ever?”


And bhí we saw in previous lesson???


In my limited experience, “go raibh / go bhfuil” are used when something that “was / is” is the object of another verb.

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