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Jumping a level?

The "test out of this skill" option seems to have disappeared from my home page. Also the yellow keyhole icon in the skill tree has vanished too, so I can't have a go at the next level...

April 30, 2012



Maybe you've already tried it too often (you only have three attempts)?


The :test out of this skill" option recently moved up to the top of the page and is now part of section that tracks your progress.


Thanks for your answers. @floscher I 'tested out' of level 7, to level 8. Now I'm on level 9 but the 'test out' thing has not come back. @dybbuk - no it's not there!


I strongly recommend going through the lengthy process of doing the exercises, unless you are certain of testing out of a skill without them. Not only do they offer revision, the computer generated sentences/phrases are often not natural, as are their translations.

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