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"He lives between Italy and France."

Translation:Vive tra l'Italia e la Francia.

June 27, 2013



Countries have artcles but lose them when introduced by in but get them back when modified some way:

<pre> Amo l'Italia (I love Italy) Vado in Italia (I go to Italy) Vado nell'Italia meridonale (I go to Southern Italy) </pre>


this detail was never explained earlier but we are expected to know it (?!) How?


By reading my comment. :-). But seriously you need a grammar and a dictionary - no way is Duo enough on its own. Also I think that you go in to large areas like countries and regions but a to smaller ones like towns.


You are very funny guy, Peter! Thank you for your wise advice!


Thank you, Peter, for the clear and concise rule.

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