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"Mit navn og min adresse er i bogen."

Translation:My name and my address are in the book.

November 7, 2014



Well that seems a bit creepy and suspicious...


Is the repetition of the possessive pronoun necessary or can the second one be omitted?


If it asks for my twice, I think it makes sense to use it twice in the translation. In general, though, there have definitely been examples here where the gender matches and the second p.p. is omitted (e.g. "min bror og søstre"). I'm curious whether that's possible when the gender differs, and if not, whether that rule is bent in conversational Danish.


That's exactly what I'd like to know. My primary language is Czech which differentiates between three genders but in a sentence like this repetition of the possessive pronoun (even when genders of the nouns differ) would sound strange (or it would be accompanied by stress in order to make it clear); instead the pronoun matches only the first noun.

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