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Is it wise to learn two languages at the same time?

I am wondering if it is smart to learn both spanish and french together or is it better to learn spanish first then french later(or vice versa). Thank you for your time in answering this question.

June 27, 2013



In my opinion, the short answer is no, but I suppose it really depends on what kind of learner you are. French and Spanish have a lot of similarities in grammar and vocabulary, but there are also some significant nuances that could be very confusing if you start both together, especially if this will be your first foreign language. I was relatively fluent in French prior to Duolingo and still found that doing two exercises in two different languages in quick succession was confusing. Plus, if you want good accents in either, I don't recommend mixing languages in the early stages, where teaching your mouth to move properly in one foreign language is tough enough.

It's tempting! The good news is that a solid knowledge of French will improve your ability to pick up Spanish later and vice versa.


I know that if you want to study two languages at the same time you should choose 2 languages which are different for example german and italian, if you will study french and spanish at the same time (the two languages are similar) you will be confused.


Yes, I'm French and fluent in English and did some Italian when I was a student, so i'm learning portuguese, german and italian at the moment. I don't dare doing spanish lessons cause I'm already mixing a bit of italian with the portuguese. (a aranha / il ragno).

German and English are west germanic languages and Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French romance languages. So you should be able to mix any language from the first category with any from the second.


I would recommend that you start with one language (let's say spanish) until you have reached to a comfortable level. After that you might find french easier to approach since your knowledge of spanish helps to remember french vocabulary due to the similarity of these languages.

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