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"Eu falo com meu amigo pelo computador."

Translation:I speak with my friend on the computer.

June 27, 2013



There is a typo in one of the correct answers -- "bycomputer" should be "by computer".


"on the computer" is the least favored way to express that thought. It is more common "via the computer" "through the computer" or "by the computer" . Whoever is doing your translations does not show a lot of skill and flexibility with their English. I am beginning to wonder if that person is a native speaker.


Where I live, in the UK, you're more likely to hear "on the computer". Less likely to hear "via" and "through", and I would never expect to hear "by" the computer.


I would have guessed através?


That's right too. In this case, "pelo" can be replaced with "através" (through, by means of).

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