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  5. Always the 2 same sentences


Always the 2 same sentences


I just took a lesson shortcut in the FR > IT tree... And it was always the two same sentences... What was the problem ?

November 7, 2014



Can you elaborate, please?


Well, i had my 20 questions or so, but it was the same two sentences to translate. Sometimes i had to translate from italian to french, then french to italian, then to write down the audio, but always the two same sentences. Usually, when i take lessons, i have at least 10 different sentences...


It was the same two sentences for every single exercise? Hmm, that seems to be a major problem indeed.

Perhaps try to contact support? You can get there by going to the Help Page and then scrolling to the bottom. Once there, click "contact us," and then fill in the form. It should reach the Duolingo team quite quickly but remember to only do this once!

Sorry I can't be of further assistance :-(


I'll see if it happens again, and in case, i'll contact them.

Thanks for your answers, anyway !

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