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"Birds sing."

Translation:Los pájaros cantan.

5 years ago



why do you need the "los"? Doesn't that translate as "the birds sing"?

5 years ago


When to use articles is a mystery indeed! In general, if the subject is a broad, unspecified thing, like birds, life, love, etc. you use the article. It makes life easier if you can get the idea that it means "the" out of your mind, IMO. The article is often untranslated. I have asked my teachers (in Mexico, Argentina, and USA) about whether to use article or not in many situations, and the response is sometimes shrug o the shoulders and the Spanish equivalent of "Whatever!" :)

5 years ago


Then , I believe that pajaros cantan is an alternate correct translation.

4 years ago

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This has a different meaning than the English example.

5 years ago