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Bug: related to reviewing skills (in German)

Here's something that will lead to a fairly big problem. I went to Households in my German skill tree and began with lesson 1. After completion I clicked continue three times since there is now a screen suggesting I can translate 95% of all real articles. I was brought back to the skill lessons for Households and my word strength had dropped for many lessons including lesson 1 (quite alarming), except the last lesson originally with empty bars on the list '5' became maxed out, I repeated the process with lesson 1 and again the lesson closest to the end was maxed again and very little change occurred to the rest. I did lesson 2 instead to see if there would be a difference and again lesson 3 became maxed. I checked lesson 3 and I didn't immediately recognize the words in it, so I confirmed by running through part of lesson 3 I had only been practicing lesson 1 and 2, but now the skill for Households is starred on my tree, which would indicate I don't need to worry about it at all.

June 27, 2013


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