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  5. "Tá an Éigipt san Afraic."

" an Éigipt san Afraic."

Translation:Egypt is in Africa.

November 8, 2014



Obviously, the pronunciation of <g> in 'Éigipt' is wrong.


A link to the correct pronunciation, for those so inclined: http://www.focloir.ie/en/dictionary/ei/egypt?q=Egypt


I always spell Afraic wrong. I remember Aifreann, and enter Aifric every single time....


Would native speakers be inclined to call it 'an Éigipt' or would they just say Egypt? I mean, would it be overzealous to call it 'an Éigipt'?


Most country names, with a handful of exceptions require the article "an".


Why isnt the t slender?


It's a fairly rare combination of letters - only 4 words in the FGB end in pt (Éigipt, script, forscript, and foscript), so it might be considered a "loan pronunciation".

Unusually, I notice that the Ulster audio sample of an Éigipt on focloir.ie is not the same as the audio sample on teanglann.ie, and the "t" is indeed slender in the teanglann.ie version. (The 2 sites usually share the same audio files, and the Munster and Connacht examples of an Éigipt are the same on both sites).

The Ulster example for Éigipteach also uses a slender "t", whereas the Munster and Connacht speakers use a broad t.


Here you require Afraic, but in the previous sentence( same meaning but from Irish into English) it was spellt Aifric. Which is the correct one?

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