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Cosa vs. Che

Ok I know that both o them mean "what" but is there a certain place where you HAVE to put them? Like when you would say "What do you want from here?".... Would it be "Cosa vuoi da qui?" or "Che vuoi da qui?" i need help differentiating the two.

June 27, 2013

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Using before Che before a noun: You would say Che lavoro fai? - What job do you do? Lavoro- (Job) is the noun

You wouldn't say Che cosa lavoro fai? or cosa lavoro fai? Why? Because Cosa actually means "thing" and we know the thing in the sentence is lavoro. so Cosa lavoro or che cosa lavoro would be more like what thing job do you do? - it sounds wrong.

If using Che as the pronoun however, the noun (in this case, lavoro) is dropped and Che becomes the "thing". Therefore you can now use Che/ Che cosa/ Cosa:

Che fai? what do you do Che cosa fai? what "thing" do you do Cosa fai? (What) "thing" do you do

Che cosa is more formal of the three

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