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"I work as a secretary at an office."

Translation:Ik werk als secretaresse op een kantoor.

November 8, 2014



There is not much of a rule for prepositions here, is there? Op een boerderij, in een bank, op een kantoor, in een restaurant... should we just memorize them?


Yeah, was wondering the same thing, looks pretty random…


Can a native or fluent speaker give some insight on when to use in, op and bij with werken?


I don't understand when I have to use "in" or "op".

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" ik werk als een secretaresse in een kantoor " was not accepted ?!


When are articles necessary? I put in "ik werk as een secretaris op een kantoor" and got counted off for including "een".


The een before secretaris is optional. However it could be that you were penalised for using secretaris. Secretaris and secretaresse refer to two different functions. Secretaris is an administrative function and can be used for both males and females, secretaresse is a personal assistant and is normally only used for females (for males usually personal assistant, persoonlijke assistent or administratief medewerker is used). See this explanation (in Dutch).


IIRC I was knocked off for the article. I remember triple-checking it because I was befuddled by it, but the article was the one thing underlined in the correction.


Hmmm, odd. I can't help you any further sorry.


secretaris is accepted (at least 5 years later), I guess the problem would be using werk as instead of werk als.


My answer was "als een secretaresse", also marked as wrong because of the article


secretary can be male or female ... but DUO allows just the female form ... why ??

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