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"De er en lokal konference."

Translation:They are at a local conference.

November 8, 2014



I cant understand the use of paa, sometimes is on/in/at.. can someone shed some light?


I usually figure it out from context. For example, in "Klokken er pa bordet" it would translate as "on". However, this strategy is sometimes unreliable, as in "Barnet er pa bordet," where it could translate as either "on" or "at".


Yea. I almost always got it right, by context. But i would like to always nail it, since it seems to be so basic.


"inde på kontoret" - "in the office", not "at the office"

"på kontoret" - "at the office" or "in the office"; depends on English, not Danish

"på bordet" - "on the table"

"han er på vej" - "he is on his way"

Hope this helps.


I'm not sure what they mean by conference in this. I wrote "they are in a local conference" but that wasn't accepted


English prepositions not be my strong side, I can't tell you whether one could use "in a local conference".

But "konference" is equal to the English "conference"


In English, we would say "They are AT a local conference."


You can say "they are in conference", meaning "they are at a meeting, having a meeting", but you can´t modify "conference", it is a fixed phrase.


I Royston Vasey?


It sounds like there are lots of conferences and comitees in Denmark. A very bureaucratic country

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