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"Ela expressou sua perspectiva."

Translation:She expressed her perspective.

June 27, 2013



"point of view" is accepted


Should "opinion" be accepted here?


One dictionary's translation of perspectiva: "1 perspective. ele tem boas perspectivas de êxito / he is in a fair chance to succeed. 2 outlook. 3 representation or picture of objects in perspective. 4 view, prospect, vista, panorama. está em perspectiva / it lies in prospect. 5 appearance, aspect. 6 prospect, expectation, projection." Maybe "She expressed her view" is a better translation. Does "perspectiva" mean 'vision of the future' in this sentence?


Perspectiva here means "point of view".


Thanks. "She expressed her point of view" has a clear meaning in English, whereas "She expressed her perspective" does not, in my opinion.


Yeah, I agree. We don't really use "perspective" in that way. That was holding me up a little as well at first.


Could " point of view used in this translation? After posting I read through the questions. I see that it would be ok. I answer first and then read through.


She gave her perspective is better. Otherwise expressing her point of view works.

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