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"Bel me niet, want ik rijd op de snelweg."

Translation:Do not call me, because I am driving on the highway.

November 8, 2014



I always compare snelweg to motorway at least in the UK


"Don't call me, because I'm driving on the freeway" should work too.


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Does rijden also mean riding (e.g.,rijd je paarden?) I would assume so, but it could be a false friend.


yes it does, so horse riding = paardrijden.

It does not work in all examples though, in English you can say you ride a bicycle, but in Dutch you would not say je rijdt een fiets, that would just be je fietst.


And what about 'ik rij' or 'ik rijd', are they both acceptable? Which one is more frequently used?


Yes, they are both acceptable. When speaking, the "d" is not normally pronounced. In formal writing, using "rijd" is more normal.

The same is true for "Ik hou(d)", by the way. And also for "snijden" (to cut) and "glijden" (to slide).


Understood, thanks a lot!


ik rij / ik rijd .. can't it be both?


I don't think so, because the stem of rijden is rijd, and also because actually rij is an existing word, a noun that means line.


"Snelweg" is not just any "highway". It's a controlled-access highway, freeway (US) or motorway (UK). All three translations should be accepted.


"Expressway" is good; could al so be "super highway" in US.


According to the dutch traffic regulations (oficialy available in dutch and english), snelweg or highway refers to the road with maximum speed of 130k/h. Autoweg or motorway is the road with maximum speed of 100k/h.

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