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"Rush hour causes many traffic problems and much delay."

Translation:De spits veroorzaakt veel verkeersproblemen en vertraging.

November 8, 2014



Het spitsuur should work too.


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Why can't I use "oorzakt" in this case? I thought "veroorzaakt" was the past form.


"Oorzaken" is not a verb, it is just the plural of the noun "oorzaak". I believe in this case you must use "veroorzaken", which conjugated in the 3rd person singular is "veroorzaakt" for present and past participle; "veroorzaakte" for simple past.


Oooh, okay. So I can't use "oorzaak" because it's not a verb, but "veroorzaken" is one, so I have to use it in the right conjugated form. Thank you for your reply! I think I got it now :)

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