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Italian songs - Tornero

Hi, a good idea to practice italian is listening to songs, here is one of the most romantic italian songs, hope you enjoy it!

If it is not forbidden I will post more italian songs.



June 27, 2013



I don't see why it would be forbidden to link to videos freely available on Youtube. Are you going to add them to the same discussion thread? People could then follow the thread if they want to be notified when new songs are added. Additional listening practice (particularly real-life language situations) is always good for improving a second language.

I have many favourite Italian songs - Italian is such a beautiful language (and even more so when sung).

I'll share these two though. The first one because I love how he sings about the everyday things such as spaghetti al dente, caffe' ristretto, un vestito gessato sul blu, etc (and also I think the tune is pretty catchy). And the second because it's the first Italian song I ever tried to translate for myself...




Nice version from Patrizio, I had heard only the original version from Tutu Cutugno in San Remo 1983, though he didn't win with this song, which is beautiful.


Parla piu piano also very nice, tks for sharing.


Hey tks for sharing, that girl Simona is gorgeous, and the italian version of Rapunzel's song is is very nice.


Two of my favourite things in one video (Disney and Italian) - love it!

Also I thought it was really interesting to see that they clearly haven't translated the song's original lyrics literally. (Obviously they have to find words that will fit with the rhythm of the music, but even the title is significantly different).

Ironically (perhaps) the Italian lyrics appear to be - for the most part - a much more of a literal interpretation of the song than the English original, which is much more metaphorical... This is fascinating look into translating in the real world!


I didn't know him, tks for the post, nice songs and videos :)


The last one.. wow.. what a song.. and video..


Pensieri e Parole is one of my favorite song of him.

If i can suggest something a little more contemporary (mostly Pop) Jovanotti: A te http://youtu.be/FSea1YPxK1c ; Mezzogiorno http://youtu.be/49e9rYk5FyI

Negramaro: Meraviglioso http://youtu.be/EikicSEKi4M ; Mentre tutto scorre http://youtu.be/QJGjZdjXaq8

Gianna Nannini: Sei nell'anima http://youtu.be/gRTdcpYaTsY ; Meravigliosa creatura http://youtu.be/wDSKZv6RC7A

Max Pezzali/883: Ci sono anch'io ( Disney's Treasure Planet) http://youtu.be/ML6476QtgAQ ; Eccoti http://youtu.be/FTcz7g8-4Gw

Adriano Celentano - L'emozione non ha voce http://youtu.be/wuRNsybk8To

Vasco Rossi - ...Stupendo http://youtu.be/9OR_LRHjMz4 ; Senza Parole http://youtu.be/CctHKU4Lvwo

...there are too many songs that I like :)


Just got some time to get back and check this post, Jovanotti: A te http://youtu.be/FSea1YPxK1c, not a love song, but a beautiful love poem! :) but someone pls tell this guy Lorenzo that he can sing, but pls don't dance! hehe


a te che sei, semplicemente sei, sostanza dei giorni miei, sostanza dei sogni miei... e a te che sei, semplicemente sei, compagna dei giorni miei...sostanza dei sogni...

I'll say it again, beautiful love poem :)


Man I can't stop listening this song: "Pensieri e Parole"..


I would like to hear some italian rock bands, suggestions?


I don't listen to rock music - it's usually not to my taste - so I don't have any personal recommendations to give... but Google has turned up this page with some names you could check out. (Also has some videos to watch)



Tks Dagrooms and jessic, I guess I need to improve my basic italian a little bit before moving to rock songs hehe, anyway here is a good one from the link kindly provided by jessic, "Buonanotte All'Italia" very enjoyable..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded v=KZS8FNiGZL0

(there is an ampersand after "embedded", not sure how to escape it here)


You can use this link to get there: http://youtu.be/KZS8FNiGZL0

(On youtube below the video, if you click share - you get an easily shareable link)


One of my favorites songs from this prolific italian song writer Umberto Tozzi: Tu


Canterò la pioggia perchè venga giù il vento che si calmi un po' il cielo perchè sia più blu e mi sorrida tu.


I wonder how many version have been created for this beautiful song. I love the lyrics from the Italian version. https://youtu.be/28c0bnZlHYE?list=PLTnSRHH3ldHHLfNxJ1hhRtsmWYWUvavUh

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