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"Ik ontmoet Saskia elke morgen in de stad."

Translation:I meet Saskia every morning in the city.

November 8, 2014



In England I have regularly heard people say the will meet in town (when they are referring to their nearest town). In fact if you said "the town" you might wonder which town the are talking about (becaisd of the use of the word "the". From memmory when my dutch family have used the phrase "in de stad" it is used in the equivalent situation as "in town". I understand the literal translation is "in the town" but is "in town" closer to what is actually used?


I think so. The same goes for "we gaan naar de stad" - "we are going to town". Do note that Dutch has no word for town, so the city ("de stad") is used here.


Or het dorp if you're going from the countryside outside towns (het buitengebied) to a small town.


I'm American, and while I would also say that I was meeting someone "in town", I would say "in the city" for a city - and "stad" can mean either (I tend to assume "city", but I don't know if that's appropriate generally).


Een stad is originally something with walls around it. These old medieval town could house a few hunderd people. The smallest town in Friesland probably is Sloten with around 700 inhabitants. For details about stad check https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stad and voor sloten check https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sloten_(Friesland)


I liked the UK English 'in town' too for the same reasons


Why is it 'morgen' used here instead of 'ochtend'?


I believe either one would be correct in this sentence.


"I meet her every tomorrow"


I have learned that we should use "ontmoeten" when you are going to meet a person for the first time. After that, you do not "ontmoet" a person, but you "afspraakt" or just say that morgen ga ik Saskia in de stad zien or something similar.

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