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  5. "Ik eet wat kaas."

"Ik eet wat kaas."

Translation:I am eating some cheese.

November 8, 2014



Isnt sommige some? When do we use it?


You could use sommige here, if it was a english to dutch. Since it is the other way around here, and the word 'wat' needs to be translated, some is appropriate. In general, sommige is used for an undefined / uncountable mass (or number) of things.


When is it correct to use "wat" and when is it correct to use "sommige"?


Sommige means some, enkele means a few or some, wat also means some. What's the difference between these, and when do we use them?


I would just like to clarify for people that wat does not always only mean some when used this way but can be used to make the word in front of it stronger so it can mean some but if used with heel eg "heel wat" it means a lot. It can also be used with wel "wel wat" which can mean a bit or a lot depending on the context. It's all rather confusing I'd say!


Lol I heard "Ik eet wat kat"


Wat slso means THAT


Only in some very specific instances, where it serves as a conjunction. For example:

  • Ik heb iets wat jij wilt - I have something that you want


I thought he said "kat" not "kaas". I got worried. :)


why not "i eat any cheese"?


Because that doesn't make sense in English.


Of course "I eat any cheese" makes sense in English! How does it not?


Fine, I suppose you could just about get away with it if you meant "I will eat any kind of cheese". But it certainly doesn't work as a present tense description of "I am eating some cheese right now".


Fair enough; I agree that it couldn't work in the present continuous.


It's not what a native speaker would say. If you use that phrasing, you would definitely identify yourself as a foreign speaker of English.


yes it does make sense in English..... it would mean a person eats any kind of kind, doesn't matter what type, they'll eat it!!


That is not how a native speaker would phrase it, however.


Why "I eat some cheese" is incorrect ? I agree with the translation of "Ik kom" as "I am coming" better than "I come" because "to come" has the sense of moving but this is not the case with "to eat".


Also not clear when to use "somige" and when to use "wat"... is anyone able to explain? Many thanks


I believe sommige is for countables, and wat for uncountables. Sommige mensen. Wat water.


Iets also means some. I really don't get the difference between wat and iets. Ik eet iets kaas. Does that work? And if not, why?


Is it just me or i hear "car" not "kaas"


Sommige means some, wat means some and it does also mean What.... so i m confused about the difference and when can we use them??


the audio sounds wrong on this one.. i couldn't hear anything else than kar/kart

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