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  5. "Jeg spiser saltet."

"Jeg spiser saltet."

Translation:I eat the salt.

November 8, 2014



Why the answer is "I am eating the salt" and not " I eat the salt"??? I see here it's correct but if i answer this ,the program say me it's wrong


It's more natural to say you're eating than you eat in English. Generally speaking, when you say "I eat" you are talking about it as something that you do sometimes or as a habit. If you say "I'm eating" it means you're doing it now.


I am wearing a shirt. (It's happening now.)

I wear a shirt. (General, vague. Usually followed by other words which give context to when or where you do said action. Such as: I wear a shirt to work every day.)

Now I could be wrong. English isn't actually my first language but I have lived in the UK for 5 years now.


I agree with you, Andie. (Native English speaker here).


I guess you made some mistake in writing it.


Yeah I think you write " I eat salt " not " I eat the salt "


Because you sposed to use am if you dont use the am it will be correct but not 100 percent


My family is from Denmark so I grew up on Danish licorice. So salty, so good! Piratos for life!


My grandparents are from Denmark too and I have never even heard of that.


My wife is Danish and every time I'm visiting her in Denmark she buys bags of salty black licorice candy and it's sooooooo gross


Is a "t" also pronounced as a soft D?


Well that explains why I'm hearing a 2nd L. I hear Danish D's as L. This sounded like "saltle" to me.


In the -et ending, the t will pronounced as a soft D, otherwise t's usually make a T sound and, very occasionally, a hard D sound (e.g. in 'otte')


Just out of curiosity...how would you say 'i eat salty'?


Like, enjoying food with a lot of salt? You could express that as "Jeg spiser gerne salt."

Salt is both the noun "salt" and the adjective "salty" in Danish.


Why is it said 'the salt' not salt on its own


"salt" would be salt. "saltet" is the definite form. English expresses definite forms of words by adding "the" in front of the word, which is why you get "the salt".


Would you eat salt, or would you eat THE salt?


why is it " saltet " and not " salten " ?


Why would you eat salt?


I cant understand the difference between i will eat the sale and i am eating the salt. is i will eat the salt" different?..and does anyone ever actually look at these boards anymore? i feel like every comment is at least 1-2 years old ;) not sure if I'm alone learning danish


Nah, you're not. du har en goddag, og farvel!


"I will eat the salt" is future tense---something you intend to do. "I am eating the salt" is present tense---something you are doing right now. So no, they are not the same.


Nej, spiser ikke saltet!


Jeg vil har spiser saltet!!!

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