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"Huset har en værdi ti millioner."

Translation:The house has a value of ten million.

November 8, 2014



Broooooo, im a native danish speaker, and have been so in 18 fricking years. I wanted to take a placement test for the gags; however, i got so frustrated. "Huset er værd..." is a PERFECT way of saying "Huset har en værdi på..." I'm manifestly only 58% fluent in Danish..


Why is it på here instead of af?

Because of the combination of "har...på" could it also be translated 'The house wears a value of ten million'?


Not being a native speaker of Danish, I could not say, but I have noticed that whenever har and på are in a sentence, whether or not it applies to that particular sentence, the hover prompt will indicate the meaning of wears, or is wearing. Often times this meaning does not apply to the sentence, which I strongly think is the case here. In this case it is pretty obvious they meant, "of", but that is not even given as an option. That needs to be addressed by the makers of the program, as I have found many errors in the prompt section. It can be confusing and misleading at times.


I would say ten million


Surely 'The house is worth...' is a better translation.


Wow I havent even seen the hover prompt.....


What is wrong with "The house is worth 10 million". It means exactly the same as the suggested answer of "the house has a value of ten million." Why did they mark it as incorrect. Unbelievable !!


The hint gives here only the verb wear. So I rout so, but it was a mistake???? I should have written has (as I wrote, before I changed it to wear).

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