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  5. "That is a coat."

"That is a coat."

Translation:Dat is een jas.

November 8, 2014



I'm a bit confused about 'jas' vs. 'mantel'. I'd thought we learned jas = jacket and mantel = coat earlier, but any time I use mantel instead of jas to translate 'coat' it says I'm incorrect. Am I missing something?


I, as a native speaker, never use mantel when I mean 'coat' or 'jacket' (I indeed use jas). When I use the word mantel, I mean the 'royal robe'. But I suppose it's different in an other dialect... ?


Thanks! Will stick with 'jas' then.. Well, unless my coat is REALLY fancy ;)


Earlier this question is OK, however now I learned the Demonstrative Pronouns, I wonder why

Die is een jas



This might help. "Die jas" = that coat. "Deze jas" = this coat. "Dit is een jas" = this is a coat. "Dat is een jas" = that is a coat.


And why not "Dat is een vest"?


I think it's because a vest doesn't have sleeves or is short. https://www.vandale.nl/gratis-woordenboek/nederlands-engels/vertaling/Vest#.W3DdFagaU0M

In Dutch: https://www.vandale.nl/gratis-woordenboek/nederlands/betekenis/Vest#.W3DdyqgaU0N

But I think in Vlaanderen they use vest to refer to a jacket/coat (jas), and jas to refer to a longer coat, like a raincoat or something of the sort.

Hope this helps!


What about the diminutive jasje?

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