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  5. "Dat antwoord is verkeerd."

"Dat antwoord is verkeerd."

Translation:That answer is wrong.

November 8, 2014



You keep telling me that Duo.


Trivia question: why is koffie verkeerd called that? I used to think verkeerd meant "steamed" or something :)


Verkeerd means wrong in English. Normally you put some milk in your coffee so you get coffee with milk. In a "koffie verkeerd" it is half milk, half coffee. It is almost as if your drinking milk with coffee, hence drinking your coffee wrong, making it "koffie verkeerd".


"that is the wrong answer" How is this any different. "That answer is wrong." The meaning is exactly the same is it not?


The meaning is basically the same, but the two phrases translate differently. "That is the wrong answer" would translate as "Dat is het verkeerde antwoord", and "That answer is wrong" would translate as "Dat antwoord is verkeerd".


Even in English they are different and have different meanings. Look up the differences between demonstrative pronouns and definite articles.


Whats the difference between verkeerd and fout?

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