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Thank you, Duolingo. But I have one problem.

This is one of the most polished and well made websites I've seen in general, besides that its by far the easiest way I have found to learn Spanish without taking a class.

I only have one complaint/question. Why do the lessons keep repeating the same sentences? I am seeing each sentence used 3 or 4 times per lesson, and I believe this is really slowing me down in learning the concepts themselves as I am just memorizing the few sentences the site gives me in each lesson. I am currently on the "time" lesson, and I am assuming it gets better and more diverse later on when I learn more words, correct?

June 28, 2013



I know what you mean, it is easy to accidentally memorize the sentence if you see it so many times. I know repetition is helpful and all, but it would be better if it would give you a similar sentence rather than the exact same one again. Otherwise though, I really have no complaints about this site.


I notice that too. I see the same sentence over and over in the exact same lesson. But at least it helps me memorize the words I need to learn.

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