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Frokost/frukost - not breakfast but lunch

Does anybody know (the history of) why 'frokost/frukost' means lunch in Danish and breakfast in Swedish?

November 8, 2014



Not sure, but it must mean "early meal" (think German "Frühstuck"). According to Danish Wikipedia, this meal was traditionally not eaten right after waking up, but after a few hour's work, so somewhere between the meals we today identify as breakfast and lunch (so a kind of brunch).

I guess as food habits changed the Swedes pushed it forwards a few hours and the Danes backwards.


Interessant, tak!


It also means breakfast in Norway.

All I know, is that I use

  • "morgenmad" (breakfast)

  • "brunch" (brunch)

  • "formiddagsmad" (snack between breakfast and lunch - not brunch)

  • "middagsmad" (lunch) [this could be frokost] [especially elderly people may use this in the meaning dinner]

  • "eftermiddagsmad" (snack between lunch and dinner)

  • "aftensmad" (dinner)

  • "natmad" (snack at night/late evening)

By doing as I do it is much more clearer where these meals are held.


Meget at spise :D

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