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"Strategien er simpel, vi skal score flere mål end dem."

Translation:The strategy is simple, we must score more goals than them.

November 8, 2014


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Why is this sentence in the politics section?

  • Johan Cruijff

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the English translation is incorrect. It compares the number of goals to "them". It need to compare to "the goals" they score. i.e. "more goals than they do".


Why is 'we shall score...' incorrect here?


"(at) skulle" could be translated as "(to) shall" as well as "(to) must"


The English sentence is better without the comma splice.


Here is another example of how we are being made to answer in incorrect English in order to move on. The correct response is "...than they" or "...than they do." This is why I keep quitting Danish. I get so frustrated by having to answer with poor English. I wouldn't expect a Dane to speak incorrect Danish to satisfy my stubbornness, so why should I be expected to "dumb down" my native English to satisfy you?

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