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"Italiensk mad er rigtigt godt."

Translation:Italian food is really good.

November 8, 2014



Hvorfor er det 'godt' og ikke 'god'? Det er maden, ikke madet.


Disclaimer: This is speculation based on my knowledge of Swedish. Don't quote me on this.

I recall reading something in the Swedish course about this. When making general statements like this, I think you're supposed to use the neuter form of the adjective. Italiensk mad is a pretty broad term; we're talking about all Italian food here, so we use godt. If it were Den italienske mad er rigtig god, when we wouldn't use it, because we're being more specific. I hope that makes some sense... it seems like a really weird concept to me, but that's what I learned. I think it works that way in Swedish, so I assume it is true here, too.


Et godt spørgsmål!


You can say it, sister! u.u


What is the difference between "virkelig" and "rigtig"


due to my little knowledge of german .. "virkelig" means "really" and "rigtig" means literally "right", in danish i believe that both have the same meaning it's just about the context and when shoud you use each one ... I'm not sure but I hope that this could help you somehow !


Honestly, I don't think there's really a difference. Add in egentlig in there which is also occasionally used to mean really.


I was really confused by this as I thought the adjectives should not have taken a final -t as mad is common gender word. I asked the Duolingo Danish Facebook group and got the answer (such a good group)!

Seems the neuter form (add a -t) of an adjective is used when the noun is abstract, collective, or general. So as mad is food in general, the adjectives should be rigtigt godt. Duolingo wins again!


Before this sentence I had the sentences about Italians being always beautiful and us loving Italians. Duo is a real fan!

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